Cully Weiss Wilmington Home Inspector


Cully Weiss home inspector will inspect and operate the basic functions of the following kitchen appliances:

  • Permanently installed dishwasher(s), through a normal cycle
  • Range(s), cook top(s), and permanently installed oven(s)
  • Trash compactor(s)
  • Garbage disposal(s)
  • Ventilation equipment or range hood(s)
  • Permanently installed microwave oven(s)

The home inspector is not required to inspect:

  • Clocks, timers, self-cleaning oven functions, or thermostats for calibration or automatic operation
  • Non built-in appliances
  • Refrigeration units

The home inspector is not required to operate:

  • Appliances in use
  • Any appliance that is shut down or otherwise inoperable