Cully Weiss Home Inspector

Your Home Inspection Report

The Wilmington home inspector report has a thorough summary page with pictures that identify undisclosed damages and systems that are not performing as intended, thus making it easy to navigate for you and your real estate agent. It couldn’t be simpler.

The intention of the State of North Carolina is to allow the buyer to become more familiar and with a better understanding of the building. It is not intended to re-negotiate the contract, however, if information is revealed in the Cully Weiss home inspector report, you and your professional buyer agent may likely consider business options and repair requests.

Cully Weiss home inspector is an opportunity for you to learn more….lets do it!

Cully Weis Wilmington Home Inspector
Cully Weis Wilmington Home Inspector

What can I expect in my Cully Weiss home inspection report?

Cully Weiss home inspector delivers a report summary within one day! Yes one day! He knows you don’t want to wait for your report. When you get the report, he provides photos so you and your realtor can easily know what is not performing as intended. Then you and your professional buyer agent can consider repair requests.

Will I need additional inspections?

Keep in mind, some areas of a property aren’t covered by state inspection guidelines. You may wish to schedule additional inspections for areas such as:

  • Below-ground septic systems
  • Well water quality
  • Termite inspections
  • Environmental testing (mold, fungi, radon, allergens, etc.)
  • Soil contaminants testing (oil tanks, toxins, pollutants)
  • Recreational items (pools, spas, irrigation, gas fire logs, etc.)

Of course, if you have any questions about your home inspection report, Cully Weiss is here to help.

Click here to view a Sample Cully Weiss Home Inspection Representative Summary Page.